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Asavari Pawar
Hailed as the Dancing Jewel of India, Asavari Pawar had inherited a love for this art form from her illustrious father, Shri Pratap Pawar, who is regarded as one of the leading exponents of the Lucknow gharana of Kathak and has won international acclaim for his work and virtuosity. Asavari took to dancing from the age of 8 as a part of her father's dance troupe in London. Read More

Akram Khan
Akram Khan is Sri Pratap Pawar's chief disciple. A young Muslim of Bangladeshi heritage and born in the UK, Akhram Khan was Schooled in the 500-year-old dance tradition of Kathak at The Academy of Indian Dance, under the tutelage of world renowned guru, Sri Pratap Pawar. He attained his performing arts degree at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Read More

Balbir Singh
A role model... keen to override negative perceptions and give South Asian dance credibility. Student of Guru Pratap Pawar (Triveni Dance Company) for over 4 years. Read More

Riaz Rhemtulla
Graduated with a degree in Science and Drama from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Currently under the further tutelage of Guru Pratap Pawar (Triveni Dance Company), where Riaz has been training in Kathak for 12 years. Read More

Sandra La Espuelita
Sandra La Espuelita has been dancing Flamenco for nearly 20 years and has studied extensively in the UK, and in Jerez, Seville and Córdoba in Spain. Her teachers have included Mario Maya, Maria Angeles Gabaldón, Angelita Gomez and Carmen de Torres. Read More

Sheela Kakkad
Trained by Shri Gopi Krishna to choreograph dances in film and to date have danced in two films, 'Mili' and 'Mein Tusli Tere Anganki'. BA in Indian Classical Dancing Nateshwar Kala Mandir, India – Specialising in Kathak (North Indian Style) and Folk Dances of India under Shri Gopi Krishna. Read More