Padmashri Pratap Pawar, has a personal style that is unique, unostentatious, serene and characterized by an impeccable technique that blends precision in footwork with aesthetics and imagery (bhav).

Padmashri Guru Pratap Pawar, popularly known as 'India's Divine Dancer', is an outstanding exponent and teacher of the North Indian dance form, Kathak. He had the honour of being the first disciple of Pandit Birju Maharaj, from who he received authentic traditional instruction.

The Triveni Dance Company
Having established himself in India as a celebrated dancer, Pratap Pawar was sponsored to popularise Indian dance forms abroad, and since March 1980 he has resided in the United Kingdom. The Triveni Dance Company which he founded in 1980 has toured extensively in the UK, Asia, Europe and the Americas, as well as in Africa and the Caribbean.

Pratap Pawar a World Traveller
Pratap Pawar has travelled extensively giving both stage and television performances in the U.S.S.R., Switzerland, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Phillippines Thailand, America, Europe and the United States of America.

CNN Television, USA.
Pratap Pawar's most accomplished performance to his profile was added in the year 1983. Pratap Pawar is pineer for the concept "East meeting West", in the field of dance, by creating fusion through the graceful Indian art of Kathak and Flamenco of Spain. During this time he introduces "Jugalbandi" - A unique feature combining the graceful Indian art of Kathak and Flamenco of Spain. He toured India extensively giving several performances of Jugalbandi. This event recieved world acclaim and feature cooverage by the World News channel CNN Television, USA.Pratap Pawar has also performed at "Salivan Show" in USA 1963.

Continual Awards, Tours & Grants
Pratap Pawar has received full support from the Greater London Arts Association, the Greater London Council, the Arts Council of Great Britain as well as Scottish Arts Council and Toranto Arts Council. He has been the deserving recipient of several awards, tours and grants. Pratap Pawar had received a grant award from the Arts Council of Great Britain as an associate of David Bintley of Royal Ballet of U.K. Also Pratap Pawar has received a rare award called "Gla Award" by the minister of culture of UK in 1987.

Awards Received in India
Pratap Pawar has also received several world class awards in India, Including:

Kathak Samrat – Allahbad, Nritya Shiromani – Calcutta, Pride of India – New Delhi, Singarmani – Bombay, Padmashri – By President of India – 2008. Padmashri award was given alongside Sachin Tendulkar, Asha Bhosle, Madhuri Dixit, Lakshmi Mittal and others.

Ventures & Cultural Work
Pratap Pawar's choreography, ventures and works include "Sur Jhankar" (a dance drama), "Mowgli" based on Jungle Book by Kipling, "Rains through Rhythm" featuring use of non Indian drums with Kathal, "Triveni" a combination of Indian, Afro Caribbean and Flamenco dances. His dance drama "Divya Drishti" has been presented all over England, Scotland and India.

Asha Bhonsle & Pratap Pawar
Pratap Pawar's recent tours and achievements include his extensive performance tours with the famous star singer Asha Bhonsle in the USA and Canada. Moreover, his last performances were in Madison Square Gardens in New York and at the O'Keefe Centre in Toronto as Choreographer / Dancer. Toronto has been some great shows of Pratap Pawar at the Caravan Festival and the Harbour Front Festival. More recently, he has undertaken choreography and artistic direction for "Padmini" "The dance-drama" through Disha Arts Academy in Toronto.